We Repair or Replace Your Roof

Get Your Roof Repaired or Replaced for Free

New Columbia Solar can do wonders for you and your roof.  If you have a roof in disrepair, we’ll fix it up or replace it for free. Don’t let your roof keep you down – we’ll finance your roof repair, keep up with the maintenance, and let you reap the benefits.

Get Your Roof Repaired or Replaced

We’ll pay for your roof repair – yes, you read that right.


We helped numerous organizations and community groups across DC replace their old, run-down roofs and turn them into brand-new assets that improves their community and lowers their utility cost. 


 Here’s how it works:

  • We look at your roof and determine whether a roof repair or full replacement is best for your roofing needs.
  • We’ll install a solar energy system and perform your roof work, both at no cost to you!
  • You can sit back, enjoy your new roof, and advance your cause, all while lowering your utility spend and helping your community.


Our mission is to help DC lead the energy revolution. With your help (and your roof), we can do it. 

Find out how we can help YOU.

See the difference

We’re here to help you and our community. When we finance and repair a roof, we put our all into it. We’ve helped over 15 religious and non-profit institutions across the District reap the benefits of solar — creating cashflow for them and a significant environmental impact for our entire community.

We’re not here to make this about us. We’re here for you – and to pave the way for D.C. to lead the green revolution.

See what we’ve done for roofs across D.C.!