We Make Your Roof Work For You

Turn Your Roof Into a Revenue Generating Asset

New Columbia Solar can do wonders for you and your roof. If you have a commercial building, we’ll lease it from you. Don’t let your roof keep you down – make it start working for you.

Monetize Your Roof

We work with buildings all over the District to turn roofs into revenue generating assets. It’s simple – we pay you for your unused roof space and you reap the benefits. When we put a solar system on your roof, you get cash flow and green the local grid. Think of us like an extra tenant – one that lowers your utility cost, boosts your NOI, and makes D.C. greener for generations to come. 

Find out how we can help YOU.

How will leasing your roof benefit you?

  • We’ll pay you rent every month to house our solar panels on your roof – and we’ll always pay on time. 

  • We’ll install a solar energy system at no cost to you – meaning you monetize your roof without having to make any upfront or ongoing CapEx!

See what we’ve done for roofs across D.C.!

4600 Connecticut Ave.

This nine-story building is located off a busy avenue in NW D.C. with a ballasted roof. This system will provide building owners and residents low-cost energy for the next 15...

Fort Chaplin Park Apartments

New Columbia Solar partnered with Save Solar and D.C.'s Solar For All program to reduce this apartment building's electricity bills by over 50%. 1209 System Size, Kilowatts 1022 Metric Tons...