Nate Schwartz

Director of Business Operations

“It has been a pleasure working with New Columbia Solar to promote sustainability through solar projects at our schools. These projects have allowed us to both reduce our carbon footprint and redirect significant financial savings into our classrooms and students’ educations.”

Kipp DC


Mark T. Rengel, AIA, Leed AP

Vice President of Development

“In all of our work, we set high expectations for success.  This requires great partners to help execute complex projects and develop innovative solutions under tight constraints.  We have found a great partner in New Columbia Solar and have relied on their expertise time after time to deliver high-impact solar solutions for our portfolio.”

The Menkiti Group


Sandy Wood

Co-Founder & CEO

“Distilling great whiskeys, vodka and gin is an energy intensive business. We knew from day one that we wanted to create a green distillery that looked for every opportunity to reduce our environmental impact. Arcadia and New Columbia Solar made the process of becoming the first solar powered distillery in the nation’s capital easy for us.”

One Eight Distilling

James Powell


“I had no second thoughts about going solar and it’s been a win-win all around. I get to save money, help educate other businesses like mine in Ward 7 about solar, with no upfront cost. New Columbia Solar did all of the work and now I save 15 – 20% on my electricity bill. I’ve recommended New Columbia to 15 businesses and decided to have them install solar on my home”

Powell Manufacturing



Creative Manager

“Our primary reason for installing solar was to save cost for the families living here. Every little bit makes a big difference when you’re earning minimum wage and trying to get back on your feet and they’re now saving about 30%. New Columbia Solar was great to work with, they went above and beyond and helped us resolve issues that had nothing to do with the solar system. They helped us find a lower cost solution for roof repairs, resolved a problem with another energy company and introduced us to other energy savings programs. They took the time to educate us and made it effortless. Thanks New Columbia Solar!”

Sinai House


Justina Wilkins


“I jumped on DC’s solar program to help save electricity costs. As a beauty salon we use a lot of electricity. With my 12 kW system, I’m buying about 70% less electricity from Pepco because the solar panels generate the rest. The New Columbia Solar team was so professional, we hardly realized they were there during construction. My customers are excited about it and everyone in the neighborhood is talking about it.”

Justina’s Hair Gallery