Randall Memorial United Methodist

A historic church in NE D.C. with an aged roof that had to patch over its extensive leaks is now providing over $113,000 in added value to the church and its congregants.
Year 1 Solar Savings + Revenue
System Size, Kilowatts
Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions (Equivalent)
Tree Seedlings, Grown for 10 years (Equivalent)
Lifetime Solar Savings + Revenue

Install Date

January 2019


A historic church in NE D.C. with an aged roof that suffered from extensive and consistent leaks.

Randall Memorial United Methodist Church was constructed in 1912 and has been a cornerstone of the historic Deanwood community for over a century. As the building and its roof aged over the years, it suffered major leaks and the church struggled to raise money for a full roof repair, resorting to quick patch jobs to keep the congregation open. From the very first meeting with the Randall Memorial team, we knew that the solar solution would not only solve the problems with the roof, but also provide a 20-year warranty so that the church can remain focused on its operations and not building maintenance. 

Thanks to the personalized, fully-financed options with New Columbia Solar, Randall Memorial UMC received a full roof replacement valued at $94,000 included in their NO COST solar offer. All membrane, insulation, flashing and metal details were removed down to the structural deck. The roofing materials used in the replacement are more resilient to degradation and leaks while supporting a 20-year warranty.

With a new roof in place, the solar system could be constructed quickly. The church’s solar system consists primarily of 175 SunPower 360W solar panels and 2 SolarEdge inverters. With a total array size of 63kW DC, the energy generated by this system is supplied directly to the grid and powers the homes of the surrounding community. 

With an annual lease payment of $945 for the unused roof space, the church will benefit from a stream of consistent and long-term revenue for the next 20 years, totaling over $19,000 over the life of the system. Overall, the Randall Memorial UMC solar solution can be valued at over $113,000 in added value.

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