Powell Manufacturing

  • Powell Manufacturing

Powell Manufacturing is a small business located in Ward 7 in NE Washington DC. New
Columbia Solar interconnected 26 kW of solar located on Powell Manufacturing’s roof in
September, 2016[NM1] .

Size of solar system: 26 kW
Monthly Savings: 15% – 20% of monthly electricity bill
Up-front cost to customer: $0.00



Why did you decide to go solar?

I wanted to save money and it was important to me to be one of the first small businesses east
of the river to use this new technology so I could help introduce it to other businesses like mine.
Solar is the future and we need people to get out there, be trendsetters and change the
direction of America. I love talking about solar, it’s always rewarding.

Is solar succeeding in reducing your electricity cost?

Yes, I’ve seen about a 15 – 20% reduction in my bill.

What do your customers think of your solar panels?

Everyone is asking me about it, they’re all really interested.

Has going solar had any other impact on your business?

I’m excited that I can generate my own electricity and sell it back to Pepco. The power company
has been selling me electricity for years and I’ve never been able to sell anything to them even
though we’ve tried to get them as a customer. Businesses should be able to sell to each other,
and now I can finally sell something to Pepco.

Can you please describe your experience working with New Columbia Solar?

The installation process was easy. They got all of the permits, and did all of the work with the
city to file the paperwork. I just had to sign a contract. I got to meet the installers and
electricians, they were great to work with.

What was the best part of working with New Columbia Solar?

I’ve been extremely happy working with New Columbia Solar. The company not only provides
an excellent service, but their approach is good. They’re very business friendly!

Would you recommend New Columbia Solar?

I’ve already referred about 15 businesses to New Columbia Solar, and I made the decision to
get solar on my house as well.

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