Justina’s Hair Gallery

Justina’s Hair Gallery is a beauty salon located in Ward 7 in NE Washington, DC. New Columbia Solar interconnected 12 kW of solar located on Justina’s roof in September, 2016.

Size of solar system: 12 kW
Pre-solar monthly electricity bill: $150 – $350 depending upon the month
Post-solar monthly electricity bill: Less than $50
Monthly Savings: Over 70% savings
Up-front cost to customer: $0.00

Why did you decide to go solar?

The primary reason for going solar was to save on electricity costs. As a beauty salon, we use a lot of electricity and my bills were averaging $150 to $350 depending upon the month. When the DC Government mentioned the solar program I jumped on it and am very excited to be a part of it.

Is solar succeeding in reducing cost?

I’m saving over 70% in the amount of electricity I am using from Pepco because the solar panels generate electricity. The electricity savings hasn’t translated into monthly bill savings yet because I chose Pepco’s Budget Billing Plan, where I avoid seasonal spikes and pay a flat amount each month. But I expect it will be adjusted soon since there has been such a drop in how much electricity I am using from Pepco.

What do your customers think of your solar panels?

A lot of customers notice the panels and they’re asking questions. They’re interested and know it is the future. I’ve explained what I’ve learned and spent a lot of time talking with the other local businesses.

Has going solar had any other impact on Justina’s Hair Gallery?

I am investigating a local grant program and may apply. The solar panels would increase the chances that I could win the grant since I get a certain number of points by having them.

Can you please describe your experience working with New Columbia Solar?

It was excellent! The team was so professional. They made sure they stayed out of our way. We couldn’t even hear them working on the roof. New Columbia Solar made sure they stayed on top of the details and checked in with us daily during construction.

What was the best part of working with New Columbia Solar?

Their professionalism. I wanted a professional team and that was exactly what I got.

Would you recommend New Columbia Solar?

I already have!

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