As a lifelong resident of NE Washington D.C., Mr. Q has been an active member of his community for years. Throughout his professional career, he has performed a variety of specialized duties such as: Community/External Organizer for SEIU 500/OurDC, OMPC, RNC, NY Fast Foods, GOTV, Kaiser, and Good Jobs Nations. Eventually, Mr. Q’s experience and desire to help his community lead him to his role in Business Development with New Columbia Solar. As a member of the Development team, he works to manage client inquires, identify new projects and ultimately facilitate the process of generating solar energy systems that meet client’s needs. His passion for solar energy comes from its ability to serve everyone, whether in a residential or commercial capacity.

When he’s not promoting solar, he enjoys singing in his church choir, reading, working in is community and spending time with his family.

Mr. Q/  Business Development 

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