Darren Wyatt

Darren was born and raised in the Northern Virginia suburbs right outside Washington, D.C.  He is currently completing a master’s degree in renewable energy and solar sustainability systems at Penn State University.  He has a master’s degree in public policy from George Mason University and an undergraduate degree from West Virginia University in business development and entrepreneurship.

Prior to working at New Columbia Solar, he advocated at the state and federal level for the employment of blind and visually impaired individuals nationwide for National Industries for the Blind.

At New Columbia Solar, Darren is responsible for developing and managing a portfolio of accounts across industry verticals (commercial, industrial, government) for solar Power Purchase Agreements, solar leases and cash sales in Washington, D.C. He manages sales relationships with key decision makers and develops and closes structured energy transactions designed to meet customers’ financial and regulatory challenges.

In his spare-time, he enjoys hiking with his dog and going to baseball games with his fiancé. He’s a diehard Philadelphia Phillies fan (poor guy) and he’s obsessed with Christmas.

Darren Wyatt/ Business Development

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