Chris Menocal

Chris Menocal is Design Engineer at New Columbia Solar. He measures the roofs remotely and in-person and builds models to determine how much energy each site can produce.


Chris started in solar in 2007, project managing PV and solar hot water installations in the District, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia for a small but rapidly growing company named Chesapeake Solar. Chris held numerous titles through a series of

company acquisitions culminating with SolarCity in 2011, including Operations Manager, Surveying Team Lead, Senior Site Auditor and Field Designer. Chris has measured and modeled thousands of roofs in D.C. and Maryland. As a building scientist he works to ensure that the solar energy system integrates well with all other building systems.


Chris has lived in the District for 15 years. He graduated with a science and technical writing degree from Lehigh University.

Chris Menocal / Design Engineer

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